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What IS C.A.P.S

CAPS is a Business to Business  company that was established by two loss prevention specialist that have 20 years combined experience and education in the area of loss prevention and preventive risk assessments and audits  for box retailers.  Every business for CAPS is the ideal client because we always want to learn new businesses and what has worked for you and what has not. Our goal will be to improve what has worked and also modify along with your input to implement programs or processes that will work uniquely for your business.  


The common thread among our partners is that they are seeking to become more profitable and efficient in their daily and long term business goals.  As a partner with CAPS we want to create a culture that will strengthen profits at the same time you will be seen as a mentor to other businesses in this community.   In time our partners will seek our continual support and ongoing improvements to curtail any concerns that may come about.


CAPS members will enjoy a general value of openness to knowledge that each one of us will share with each other and the data in the general aspect that can possibly be used to help other businesses in certain aspects.


When you are partnered with CAPS one of the benefits will be the diversity of industries and you may be able to acquire a concept from a manufacture that you didn’t think would apply to your retail store.  You will be able to build business relationships with other business owners and share your knowledge in certain areas to one another while maintaining your individual qualities that make your business or service different from one another.




Agreement Benefits:  As a partner you or team members will always have access to CAPS personnel and you will always talk to a real person now and in the future.  As a participating member with CAPS you will have access to the exclusive community online to help each other out in some areas of your business if you wish.  This aspect will be included in your endorsement and membership.  


What CAPS really wants you to know is that we Value you the relationships we create with you and  the community striving to create a profit value to your company that will establish relationships and now into the future.






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E-mail: email@lpcaps.com

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